AGRANA Fruit expands into India through acquisition

AGRANA has bought a fruit processing plant in India.

Austrian fruit ingredient company AGRANA Fruit, part of the AGRANA Group, has acquired a fruit processing plant from the Indian company Sai Krupa Fruit Processing Pvt. Ltd.

The sharp increase in the butter price is causing a flurry of concern among manufacturers of butter-rich baked goods and patisseries. Pic: ©iStock/yanast

Rising butter price stirs up discontent in bakery and pastry sector

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OmegaIngredients launches sweetening flavour modifier in powder form

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ProbioKid probiotic strains recognized safe in US and Canada for use in young children

The EU has regulated the maximum levels of i-As in rice since January 2016. The most restricted level has been set at 0.1 mg/kg for rice-based foods destined for infants and young children. ©iStock

Unsafe levels of arsenic found in baby food products, research finds

New products are being added to the GDT Marketplace - flavored milk powders.

Asian Blending adds new category to GDT Marketplace

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Glanbia's patent-pending powder process removes need for lecithin in drinks

GMP is an ideal dietary tool for people with phenylketonuria, a birth defect that inhibits the body from digesting phenylalanine. ©iStock/designer491

Agropur Ingredients develops GMP protein for use in functional foods and beverages

Whey protein is commonly added to dairy foods such as yogurt, ice cream, and cheese to increase total protein content, alter textures, or replace more costly ingredients. ©iStock

Whey protein approach could cut calories in yogurts and ice-cream

DuPont highlighted the lactose-free applications of its GODO-YNL2 enzyme at ProFood Tech 2017. ©iStock/YakobchukOlena

DuPont targets $800m lactose-free dairy market with GODO-YNL2 enzyme

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