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New dairy products launched in July

New product launches in the dairy aisles for July 2017. Pic:©iStock/abluecup

This month’s new product round-up for the dairy aisles is a truly global affair, with products from Japan, Russia, Portugal, New Zealand, the UK and US.

© iStock/marekuliasz

From kefir to kvass: What's in store for Europe's fermented food trend?

Kids menus offering bottled water grew the most between 2012 and 2016, according to CSPI. ©iStock/LiudmylaSupynska

Sugary drink options on kids’ menus fall as low-fat milk and water availability grows

After collaborating with Dutch company NIZO, Kikkoman is launching a new series of soy milk drinkable yogurts in Japan.

Kikkoman to launch Tonyu-inryo soy milk yogurt drink developed with NIZO

Ice cream trends reveal sophistication, portion control, allergy-free

Emerging ice cream trends reveal sophistication, portion control and allergy-friendly

About 20% of manufacturers' top line revenue is spent on promotional sales activity in the store, says T-Pro's CEO and founder. ©iStock/SvetaZi

T-Pro Solutions demystifies in-store promotional sales data through predictive analytics

Summer Product Launches: Probiotic shots, lucid dreaming capsules, and more

Summer Product Launches: Probiotic shots, lucid dreaming capsules, and more

New products in dairy launched in June include ice-cream pizza and different yogurt flavors. Pic:©iStock/Baloncici

What’s new in the dairy aisles? June product launches

The amount of ice cream purchased online between June and August has tripled since 2014, according to 1010data. ©iStock/Tatomm

Unilever and Nestlé dominate top 10 ice cream brands purchased online

Whole Foods will add to the credibility of AmazonFresh where dairy is the second highest grossing category. ©iStock/krblokhin

Amazon acquisition of Whole Foods to bode well for dairy

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