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Milk consumption could decrease diabetes rate in Myanmar: Study

A study at the National University of Singapore said diabetes can be tackled with milk. Pic:©iStock/Noppawan Laisuan

Consuming one glass of dairy milk a day can help prevent diabetes by 12% and hypertension by a 6%, according to a recent study by The National University of Singapore (NUS).

A Chinese study looked at adding probiotics to yogurt and studying upper respiratory tract infections. Pic:©iStock/Guy45

Yogurt with probiotics can protect elderly from respiratory infections: Study

© iStock/marekuliasz

From kefir to kvass: What's in store for Europe's fermented food trend?

Yakult's Foshan plant will start production in March 2019.

Yakult begins work on sixth China factory

Tyler Lorenzen, president of Puris,said his company has spent decades breeding peas to yield better tasting protein.  Puris photo.

Consumer demands placing more pressure on flavor, texture of sports nutrition products

The kefir beverage met the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines for recommended nutrition. ©iStock

Kefir the key ingredient for a dairy-based sports drink that cancer survivors can stomach

Dairy protein contains the highest amount of amino acids compared to other proteins, according to National Dairy Council. ©iStock/nevodka

USDEC on dairy health benefits: ‘We’re strong in the science but not as strong in communication to consumers’

'Carers of infants should not be concerned about the safety of these products.' say officials. ©iStock

'Nano scare': Scientists blast Friends of the Earth for 'facile' infant formula claims

Cottage cheese might be a good dairy product for adding vitamin D to the diet, according to a Canadian study. Photo credit: DepositPhotos/komarmaria

Cottage cheese could be fortified with vitamin D: Study

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What’s new for the European market of sports nutrition?

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