Frito-Lay files patent for shelf-stable probiotic yogurt chips

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Frito-Lay has developed a method to make chips containing high amounts of yogurt and live probiotics that can be sold in the shelf-stable snacks aisle.

Cornell and IBM will create tools that detect anomalies in raw milk that present food safety hazards and possible fraud. Pic: Cornell University

IBM and Cornell University to work together to keep global milk supply safe

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How much milk protein can stimulate muscle growth after exercise in middle-aged men?

Participants at the IFCN Dairy Conference 2017

IFCN conference looks at milk price cycle

The kefir grain isolate exhibited promising antioxidant activities in vitro. ©iStock

Probiotic from Tibetan kefir grains can provide antioxidant boost to functional foods: Study

The PEF bottle. Picture: Synvina.

Synvina PEF bottle gets green light for recyclability

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Study supports probiotic yogurt’s immune boosting effects

Varying amounts of vitamin K have been found in consumer dairy products, mostly in their full-fat varieties. ©iStock/DenizA

Study finds varying amounts of vitamin K in dairy products

Lactobacillus from yogurt could block drug-resistant infections

Lactobacillus from yogurt could block drug-resistant infections

Vitamins have been added to milk for decades, but a new study says vitamin concentrates can result in flavor changes. Pic:©iStock/DenizA

The effect of vitamin concentrates on pasteurized milk flavor: Study

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