Georgia clamps down on dairy definitions

The Georgian government in Tbilisi has introduced new rules on cheese and other dairy products. Pic:©iStock/ElenaMirage

Georgia’s National Food Agency (NFA) has introduced strict interpretations of how dairy products can be labeled.

Hydrosol has launched a new stabilizing and texturing system for cheese.

New stabilizing systems from Hydrosol for cheese products

© iStock

Beston ramps up milk supply to support cheese expansion

More than 200 US dairy processors will soon gain export access to China's market. ©iStock/CreativaImages

US dairy exporters to gain increased access to Chinese market through MOU

Cheeses from Shchuchin Creamery and Belsyr are now allowed into Russia after a ban on the products was lifted.

Russia lifts ban on two Belarus cheese companies' products

Preserving the usage of common cheese names such as "Parmesan" was an issue raised by USDEC and NMPF. ©iStock/ronniechua

US dairy groups urge prioritizing trade with Mexico when NAFTA renegotiation begins

Parmigiano-Reggiano isn't so popular among Koreans. © iStock

Can we learn to love cheese? It depends on the variety

Quebec cooperative Nutrinor has acquired cheesemaking company Fromagerie Champêtre.

Nutrinor acquires Fromagerie Champêtre

Plaintiff: 'Reasonable consumers believe that if a cow consumes GMO corn or soy, or is given rbST, then the cow’s end products are not ‘natural.’

Sargento 'natural' cheese under fire in new lawsuit over GMO feed, rbST milk

Mother Dairy is planning upgrading its newly-refurbished plant at Nagpur.

Mother Dairy refurbished milk processing plant inaugurated in Nagpur

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